Striped Jug


Our Margaret McGhie x Veeva Home line continues to grow!

Now featuring a sleek jug in our signature stripes. Available in 3 styles that can be used for serving water, juice, milk or even use as a vase. We are all about multi-functional products!

Locally made, hand-painted pieces of art made to last for many years to come. Each stripe is individually drawn on the surface of the jugs that have been first fired, and hot candle wax painted over each stripe.

The jugs are fired again at a low temperature to burn off the wax and a glaze added before the final firing.

Made in Jamaica.

**If the product or colour you are interested in is sold out, please send us at email at to place an order.

Round – 4.5″ high | Base – 4″ round
Standard 6″ – 6″ high | Base – 4″ round
Standard 8″ – 8″ high | Base – 5″ round

*Please note that each product is handmade, therefore sizes vary.

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