Striped Mugs


Enjoy a cup of your favourite coffee or tea in our carefully crafted Jamaican mugs.

Our Veeva Home x Margaret McGhie collection features 4 mug sizes.

They are locally made, hand-painted pieces of art made to last for many years to come. Each stripe is individually drawn on the surface of the mugs that have been first fired, and hot candle wax painted over each stripe.

The mugs are fired again at a low temperature to burn off the wax and a glaze added before the final firing.

If the item you are interested in is not available, please send an email to

Made in Jamaica.

4oz: 2.5″w x 3″ h
6oz: 2.5″w x 3.5″h
8oz: 2.75″w x 4″h
10oz: 3″w x 4.25″h
* Mugs are handmade, therefore size may vary slightly.

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