Collaboration Over Competition

“Competition can be a dominant part of human nature, and while it can have healthy components, it can also be acrimonious and hold one back. Collaboration, however, is about people and entities advancing together, giving everyone the potential to win collectively.

With the latter mindset, jewellery brand Metal X Wire, and sustainable household décor label Veeva Home decided to join forces for their Kingston pop-up event, slated for the weekends of June 18 and 25 at 10A West Kings House Rd.

Veeva Home, which is founded by Anna Ward, and Metal X Wire, which is headed by Symoné Currie, both launched in 2020 after two years of the women working on their brands in silence while simultaneously holding down full-time jobs. As local creatives, they were introduced by mutual friends, and both agree that the idea (for the pop-up) unfolded naturally.”

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