Design Week 2021

With sustainability at the core of the business, Anna Ward, founder of Veeva Home, is creating a space for high-quality products showcasing the talent of Jamaican artisans. When she returned to Jamaica in 2016, Ward was eager to reconnect with her homeland and discover what was being made locally and sustainably. The talent was there, but there was a need to break through the limitations of the designs that crowded the market.

It was on these exploratory trips that she noticed the increasing levels of plastic pollution islandwide. Even in the remotest areas of the mountains and along the island’s shores, it was impossible to avoid the plastic pollution.

Inspired to help make a change, in 2021, Veeva Home was launched with the clear vision to encourage local, sustainable manufacturing while helping to decrease plastic consumption and celebrate the beauty of island life.

The home d├ęcor line is only one component of Veeva Home, where simple, classic designs merge functionality with sustainability.

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